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My name is JD van Ravesteijn

My team creates Beautiful Moments

In 1997 we started producing theatrical-dinners. Now our company is there for you for custom-made theatre, music, jubilees, street-festivals, events, presentations and communication-trainings.

The cooperation and diversity of our team is a surplus. We find it an challenge to create unexpected en refreshing moments to surprise our clients.

For tourists who like to visit the Cultural Capital of 2018, Leeuwarden/Friesland, we have some great cultural experiences. Combining history and theatre is one of our specialties.

Discover Leeuwarden with the tourguide William Louis of Nassau. Meet Mata Hari and Escher. Have a dinner in Europe’s smallest Art Nouveau Theatre. Cross the canals in an open canal-boat. Taste the Leeuwarden liquor. Climb the leaning tower The Oldehove. Visit the tomb of the Dutch royal family. An much more.

We create beautiful moments!

Our Vision

We like to tell good stories. The content underlines the visuals.

We present humour en tragic, illusions and reality. With passion ans style. And with the power of simplicity. For everyone, every occasion or budget.

Discover us!

Winner of the Cultural Entrepreneurs Award 2017

And we are

Fair Trade